What to Do If Your Puppy Cries at Night?

What to Do If Your Puppy Cries at Night?

What to do if your puppy cries at night


We were looking forward to getting our new puppy and bringing her home, but we had heard horror stories about the first night for a puppy in a new home.

So, before we brought her home, we made sure that we researched what we needed to do to make sure that she, and we survived the first couple of nights.

Here is the information we found out. We hope it helps with introducing your puppy into your lives.

How long will it take for my puppy to stop crying at night?

We did not find a clear answer when a puppy will stop crying at night. The time frame seemed to range from 3 days to 2 weeks, or even longer. Several factors, influenced this time frame such as the breed of the puppy, the emotional state of the puppy, and also how you as the owner might deal with the situation.

Read the following, and you will see a few options you might find will work for you.

How can I get my puppy to sleep through the night?

There are several things that you can do to help your puppy sleep through the night.

The various options that we found people used included: putting a radio on quietly in the background, getting a blanket or other such object that had the scent of the dam (mother) of the puppy, so that comforts them. Putting a ticking clock into a blanket that simulates the heartbeat of the mother.

When we picked up our puppy we took home a well-worn toy that had the scent of the puppies’ siblings and mother on it.  Putting a piece of clothing with the scent of yourself in with the puppy was also thought to help.

The final option that we came across was putting something warm, such as a hot water bottle in with the puppy. This is what we did and we continue to do it now, when it’s a cold night outside, even though our little girl is 18 months old.

Where should your puppy sleep the first night?

There are several lines of thought on this. As usual, there is no clear-cut answer. The options you have are: leave your puppy in a crate on their own, in a room of its own, using one or more of the options we covered in the section “How can I get my puppy to sleep through the night”.

Or, have the puppy in a crate in your bedroom, so they can at least hear someone else close by, and feel comforted.

Now we may have broken all the rules on this. My wife slept with Oona, our puppy, on the sofa for the first night. Would we recommend this? Well, let’s say that it meant that we got a good night’s sleep, of sorts, and our little girl has not been the worst for the experience.

After the first couple of nights we had our puppy in a penned off area, which had a crate in it, which she used to sleep in. This seemed to work for us.

Should I ignore puppy crying at night?

You could ask yourself the same question if you had a baby. Would you ignore it if it was crying? The thing is that the puppy will probably cry for a reason.

Now, if it’s in the early days of you having it, then it might be because its lonely and missing its mother/siblings, so you could try some options already discussed.

If the puppy has been with you for some time, then there may be other reasons as to why the puppy may be crying. Reasons might include that it needs to relieve its self and dogs don’t like to do this where they sleep. As puppies have a small bladder, they will need to relieve themselves more often than adult dogs.

Can you let a puppy cry it out?

Our thought on this, is yes you could let your puppy cry it out, but would you want to? Some trainers say that this is one route you could take, where you ignore the puppy and don’t give it any attention, and it will eventually go to sleep, while others don’t recommend that this is the way forward.

There might be a reason that they are crying, such as wanting to relieve themselves, and we feel that it’s not that kind to just let them cry it out, when there might be a solution to the issue, that you as their adopted parents can provide.

Should I leave a light on for my puppy at night?

We have found through our research that this depends on each puppy. If your puppy appears anxious, then you can try leaving a light on to help them get to sleep. This may or may not work. If you do you use a light, it might be best to use a low level, night light type of light.

Should you wake your puppy up to pee at night?

As your puppy will have a small bladder, they will not go through the night with no need to go to the toilet. As with all aspects of their training, you need to provide a routine. So regarding the puppy doing their business in the night, you will probably need to wake them up and say after 2-3 hours, and take them outside.

In Conclusion

We have covered the various questions that we had with regards to the central question we had, “What to do if your puppy cries at night”, We hope we have provided an answer to these questions and that your puppy settles in to your lives.



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